Launch of Tin Type Sessions! Lancement!

I am really excited to announce that I am officially launching my tintype studio!( To read a bit about what a tintype or glass plate is read the documents below (francais en bas). )

It took a lot of passion, dreaming, investment and travelling for me to learn this historic process. It is a technique that dates back to the beginning of photographic history and is truly a work of handcrafted art. I felt a calling to learn this way of photographing people and am always so pleased to see how marvelled people are who see my tintype portraits and by those that experience being photographed or see me performing them. Ambrotypes/tinytpes are labour intense, but have this ghostly beautiful purity to them. I hope to have you sit for me and experience a true portrait- sitting for me anywhere from 1 sec in bright sunlight to 30 seconds in gloomy weather. Have a portrait your great grandparents probably experience. Call to reserve your session on invite me to your event. 438-496-8312




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