Jessica & Sebastien Rustic Wedding July 16th

I had the pleasure to photograph an old friend from my graduation class this past summer. Jessica got engaged to Sebastien this past year and I photographed them up north in Harrington Quebec on the Rouge river. The photo shoot was spectacular, filled with floral fields, a rushing river and row boat as well as a quaint farmhouse, tractor and vintage Ford pickup.All of these elements combined with Jessica and Seb’s attractiveness and down-to-earth personalities made for a portrait photographer’s dream!

Both bride and groom are rooted in the Laurentian’s since birth. They grew up in different schools, Jessica went to the one english public high school and Seb went to a french one. They only crossed paths when they both began working at an explosives company- their love and affection for one another exploded from then on. (pun intended)

I was so honoured to be part of this wedding at Domaine Plein Air on White Acres road, as the official photographer. It really felt like I was stepping into my past. I got to see faces from my high school days.

Both Jessica and Sebastien were equally nervous but excited as I covered them getting ready to step down the aisle. Their aisle was a lovely grassy knoll, facing a beautiful lake and forest. Glass bottles filled with spring flowers lined the aisle to the alter. The officiant of the wedding ceremony was Sebastien’s cousin. She did a lovely job keeping the the ceremony centered around the couple’s union and happiness. The bride’s maids, Jayme, Pascale, Lisa & Susanne, wore lovely long fuchsia gowns that accented their waists. The grooms attendants, Danny, Carlo, Jean-Michael & Serge all wore dark suits with a black tie and the mother-of-the bride, Lee, wore a stunning deep purple gown with silk flowers on the shoulder and the Father of the bride, Jim, wore a matching purple tie patterned with their family tartan.
Sebastien’s father, Richard, wore a classy fitted black suit.

The reception was in a chic cabin. The guests all sat at long wood tables that were decorated with candles and white linen, peppered with pops of pink. It was a warm atmosphere of only very close friends and family, even Jessica’s grandma, Joan was in attendance as well as Sebastien’s grand-mere, Rita.The evening was filled with short and hilarious speeches that were in both french and english. A lot of laughs and a few tears shed as Sebastien’s Mother was mentioned (she passed away suddenly a few years ago)- coincidentally I came to share that their wedding day would have been my mother’s 60th birthday but she had passed away one year before Sebastien’s mom. A touching similarity.

The evening was filled with fun, dancing, food, lots of spirits and ended on a high note with many of the wedding party members jumping into the Lake that was light solely by the full moon and milky way.
I am blessed to have people trust their wedding to me. Below are some of my favorite images from this wedding, and after those a complete story in the form of a slideshow to music. Please take the time to sit back and enjoy this beautiful wedding. I thought the lyrics to the song were very appropriate. Thank you Jess & Seb.


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