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Personal stories of what my family and I are up to.

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Tweet Repeat business is just good business sense. Nurture your followers and reward them with quality photography and stories. Tell them who you are with a visual brand. Are you looking for beautiful image content in your social media outlets? Are you using stock imagery on your website and blog? (cringe) Are you a speaker,…

Historic portrait of a Family Geneologist

Tweet The universe can be so cunningly quirky and on point at times create moments of amusing even beautiful serendipity (the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”a fortunate stroke of serendipity”) or destiny. These moments I like to believe are divine connection/relationships/moments. The backstory: I began a challenging,…

Voted as top 6 women to watch

Tweet So excited and surprised and blushing at being named in the top six women to watch on Instagram via Ton Barbier written by Oneland so cool and well I better keep posting good content for you all- keep you eyes peeled. If you are not already following me, go get ‘er done on my…

Mother’s Day Special

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