Baby Gia

Here is a video of beautiful baby Gia- daughter to Pascal and Sara whom I recently photographed to document their pregnancy. I traveled to their home as Sara had a very difficult labor and delivery. It was fun and challenging to get out of my comfort zone by photographing in a new location without all my equipment. It is always great to do this as an artist as if forces you to grow and learn.

This baby was just perfection. Beautiful skin and a tiny head of hair. She was very sleepy and cooperative I have to say- She was a little hungry as she was beginning her growth spurt that happens to all babies around 7 days of life. I have learned not to push too hard with these gentle little souls. I remember to respect them and photograph them when they are ready, and if that means just a few portraits, then that is okay. I then usually finish off with the baby in the parents arms, which is my favorite portrait. Mommy’s and daddy’s are usually very hesitant at first as they feel spent and worn and worry about how they will look- but I always encourage this portrait regardless and try and keep it simple by having the parents gaze down quietly at their new love. In 10 years or 1 year, as parents you will not look back on this portrait and worry about how you look, you will cry with the awareness that this newborn moment passed so fast and how you would love to feel how special and empowered you both felt in that moment forever.

Please enjoy Gia’s photo session below.




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