A Gift of Connection

If you feel stuck but ready to transform your life and relationships, I highly recommend taking this three day retreat workshop happening in Ontario October 19-21 at the Crieff Hills Retreat Center , just one hour from Toronto.

It is my dream to see so many of you in my network on a path of vulnerable connection, having a deeper, richer experience with yourself, your life, and your relationships.

The Awakening workshop hands down changed my life and continues to shape how I show up in my life. Many of you have witnessed my journey from earning it all, loosing it all and rebuilding my life back up again. It is no secret that it took Duane-and Catherine O’Kane the founders behind this workshop and Clearmind International to help send me on this path of a new abundant and connected life .

Please watch this video

To book your spot or get more information text or call 1-519-372-7914 and speak with the workshop producer, Sy Scott Sy Seibert

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