Throwing in the Towel for Digital

As many of you may have noticed I am slowly throwing in the towel when it comes to digital photography. There are many reasons for this- Film gives me control over my craft again. I am tired of being a slave to technology- tedious uploading and sorting and storing and backing up and retouching and converting. It feels so draining and dry. People do not value digital photography. It is disposable, intangible-they think they can do it better than you.
So when I discovered a love for all thing film it was a turning point.(Thanks to Mara Blom Schantz & Karen Carey) photographer Not only is film more detailed in the tones, shadows and highlights of a portrait, it is magical. Only the best photographers can work in this medium because there is no going back- you must know your settings, understand light, posing and more. Any mistake could be an expensive one at 65$ in cost per session. I love the challenge and I am reaping the benefits of the results and my own distinct signature photography style. So shove it technology you cannot control me anymore with all your pixels, upgrades and and breakdowns. I HEART Film!

the proof is in the pudding below.




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