The importance of taking the time

Recently one of my best friends who is also a portrait photographer, tragically lost her son. They were very close and he had just started his own family at the tender age of 27; in fact I was present photographing at his beautiful wedding day just a few years ago. Four months ago I visited him and his wife as they were about to deliver their first precious child. Little did I know, or anyone else for that matter, that that encounter would be the last time… At his memorial in a packed stadium at his alma mater, 1000’s of friends and loved ones were moved to tears by the beautiful photographic memories his mother, my dear friend, presented via slideshow. These photographs are all that are left for his wife, his family and his baby daughter that will only know Daddy through these portraits. Photographs are part of your legacy.

Hold your children close no matter the age. Reconnect with them. Take a minute to absorb that today could be the last time. Reserve your session dates now. Limited weekends available. http://portfolio.allisoncordner.com info@allisoncordner.com 438-496-8312

It is that time of year where we are in a fury of getting things done, school deadlines for our children, work requirements and soon holiday dinners and vacation planning and more. Take a minute to start planning a family portrait outdoors before things get too cold. Take a weekend to slow down and an hour to connect with your kids without your phones turned on and your focus diverted.
Make each moment count as you never know what turns life will bring you.

The Last Time Poem by Unknown from Allison Cordner Photography on Vimeo.

The Last Time Poem read by Allison Cordner Photography who specializes in documenting children and families using photography and other art mediums. 438-496-8312 info@allisoncordner.com Allisoncordner.com




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