Surviving the Grief of Mothering Without a Mother-celebrating your children

I can relate to this article very deeply and I am sure some of you can or will as well:

“I became a mother before most of my friends, and I lost my mother long before them as well. It’s almost Mother’s Day and all I really want is the gift of having a mother again. Instead I will try and remind myself that time filters out so many of the faults and love fills in the cracks of memory. I will try to remember that what made you a great mom was not that you did everything right, but simply that you were mine. ” Erin Johnson

Cherish those you fight with the most and take the time to remind them that you do love them- sometimes the universe takes them away all too soon.
Mother’s Day is right around the corner- consider having a portrait session with her and your children to have something to cherish.
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Here is a link to the beautiful article Huffington Post Article and a link to the original author article http://www.thenodramamama.com/surviving-the-grief-of-mothering-without-a-mother/
My Mom when she was maybe 20

Mom in her early 20's

Mom in her early 20’s

My daughter and I 4 years ago

My daughter and I 4 years ago





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