Still getting this blog up and running

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if there hasn’t been much excitement on my blog. There most definitely has been in my life. I still haven’t fully set it up, and my plans are for it to take over as my main website once it is completed. E.T.A: Fall 2010. There should be big updates, functionality, portfolio galleries, videos sideshow and lots of other goodies for everyone and other photographers.

As some of you know I am a budding Mamapreneur-a.k.a Mom with a business, husband,10 month old baby-oh yes, how could I forget my Siamese cat, Pico and and black cat, Niki. Being a Mamapreneur makes setting up my business very challenging in both a good way and- I dislike using the word bad but…. I keep trying to remind myself that there is no deadline or rush to get things up and running. A nagging voice in my head keeps telling me to do more and more, faster and faster, however it is just as persistently and swiftly extinguished by the tearful wails of my sweet baby boy who just wants my full attention, soul and milk 110% of the time. If it isn’t my son keeping my train of thought derailed it is Pico’s shrill, nasal Siamese meow. That cat’s meow could penetrate the sound barrier between Earth and Jupiter. Pico is now 5 years old, and we (my husband Chris) bought Niki to quench Pico’s never ending need for attention and affection. The trouble is that even Niki recoils from the clingy feline with fitful hissing and angry peeps. There isn’t a week that passes in which my dear feline companions don’t wake my little son from his reluctant siesta. It is just when I finally get to pouring myself a coffee, stretching my arms and grasping my wacom pen with a deep inhalation that chaos comes crashing down like a meteor shower; Cats screaming and running around in circles, baby crying fitfully, telephone ringing, computer stalling, fed ex at the door, me in my bathrobe, coffee getting cold again, pictures waiting to be edited one more day. “No rush” a voice says.
“Live in the Now, not in the ‘Later'”
“Okay…sigh.” I decide as I nurse my weeping babe, answer my call, reboot the computer, tighten my bathrobe and sign for my parcel.

The roots of a business such as its marketing, promotion, business plan, work flow etc etc are really important and it is all a huge learning process for me. I am actually really enjoying the learning minus the delays and interruptions. Some days-okay most days, the thought of giving up crosses my mind in the middle of the madness, but then I remember the voice that reminds me to not rush. Rush for what? Family is what is most important in life, and that is what I want to focus on in my photography. I care only about capturing the most significant types of images, which are in my opinion, family moments, milestones, and new beginnings. I want to give people the gift of being able to look back and reminisce on the joy and memory of that time in their life in an authentic way-whether it be an engagement, a wedding a pregnancy, a birth, a coming of age, a milestone, a retirement, a farewell…
On that note, Goodnight, and Rest in Peace Mom. The 4 years without you have been felt.
For your enjoyment, two images from a recent maternity shoot-A New Beginning.




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