Some of my old commercial photography get’s republished.

Before focusing on building and developing my boutique portrait photography business I was plugging away as a freelance photographer. I was photographing mainly corporate events, arts festivals, choirs and pretty much anything that popped up! I just got a heads up that a picture I took about 3 years ago was placed on the ELAN site (english language arts network). It is an image about an amazing woman, conductor who is wheel chair bound, suffering from a severe case of multiple sclerosis. Astonishingly, her symptoms disappear as soon as she begins conducting her choir(s). A medical mystery and inspiration. Her battle with M.S (multiple sclerosis) is close to my heart as it is a disease that affected my mother before she passed away 4 years ago. Quite poignantly, one of the last songs sung by the choir the night of the event was a song my mother had sung (she was an avid musician) to me only a few months before she died. The world works in mysterious ways and brings people together for reasons that I believe are not ‘coincidental’. I cannot remember the name of the song but it was french and spoke of love.

Click the link below to see the brief feature of Eleanor Stubley- the image is quite powerful and such a juxtaposition to her state when not enthralled in the passion of music.




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