Les séances

Booking your

portrait session

Depends on the comission please contact the studio.
$500+ retainers to secure an appointment.

This includes hair and makeup for Mom,

a pre-consultation with clothing and stylistic planning, a private custom portrait sitting, an in person ordering session, delivery & installation of artwork available for orders over $6,000.


Signtature painted portraits using oils and pigments on canvas $5000+


start at $495


$5000 your session printed and matted

includes complimentary digital versions (printable up to 8x10) 

514-496-8312 info@allisoncordner.com

Allison is a brilliant photographer. Her work is so beautiful because she takes the time to get to know her clients. She also managed to make me, and my two teenaged daughters, feel so comfortable during the shoot. We now have a selection of unique and personalized photos that I will cherish forever. If you are looking for something unique and individualized, go to Allison. She is a joy to work with. 

-Aislinn Mosher

Les Portraits Vintage / Vintage Portraits (francais a venir)

Strikingly beautiful, soulful and one of a kind; a tintype or glass plate portrait is the highest quality image in the world.
The client sits before a handmade wooden camera while the photographer mixes a darkroom solution under a dark hood onto a piece of glass or aluminum. The material is then exposed to light and the image of the client embeds onto silver. The material is then processed again and cleaned to reveal a unique moment in time; A true heirloom.
The portrait may be scanned to create a virtual version.

Tintype Sessions

Your image is made on blacked metal using a series of steps that you will witness live. Children and grown adults of all ages are always in awe of the magical process. Once you select your favorite images they will be rinsed, dried and baked with a handmade emulsion that I have filtered made of lavender and tree sap.This prevents the image from tarnishing over time and ensure it will last forever. You will leave your session with a physical portrait and a scanned version to share on social media. Your portraits may also be scanned to produce enlargements on fine art paper as big as 40×60′.

Ambrotype Sessions

This is pure decadence and true to the historic technique! You image is made on black stained glass or clear glass make a beautiful hand crafted piece of art to be cherished for generations. These plates last forever and a a moment in time, frozen forever in silver. Like the tintype sessions, you’ll leave with the physical photograph. These images can also be scanned to make enlargements on fine art paper as large as 40×60″.

Each session is about an hour to and hour and a half and I take you through the whole process with me, step by step and give you a historic and practical breakdown of what is happening and how the image is made! You will see each image magically appear right before your eyes.