Newborn Liem photo session 5 days old

You might have seen the article in my last newsletter (http://blog.allisoncordner.com/?p=2207) about the fantabulous time we had at Dominique and Chip’s Belly Boudoir photo session. Well, I’m thrilled to tell you that we had their Newborn photo session with Liem as part of their Baby’s First Year Collection.

The session was a gas! It went so amazingly well. I stress bringing your newborn in as soon as possible after delivery, and this session is a perfect example of why that is important. Liem was 5 days old and was the darling little guy you see in the pictures. He was so incredibly cooperative. We took a break so he could be fed, but after his lunch we started back right away and got some more delightful shots. Dominique and Chip were ecstatic! And I have to admit that it got me a bit misty because my baby so close to being born. That’s right… any day now. Whahoooo!

One of the things I do that adds a special touch to the Baby’s First Year collection of photographs is to pay a lot of attention to the smallest detail. I had such a blast coordinating the colours of the clothes, backgrounds and props so that they represent a truly artful set of prints on your wall. It makes a huge difference. Take a look and you’ll see the silk shawl used in Dominique’s maternity shots is there in the Newborn photos. I’ll talk more about harmonizing the look of each of the sessions in later blogs.

Dominique and Chip bought 2 portrait albums… a 6 x 12 Belly Boudoir album and a 10 x 10 Fine Art album with selection of the best images from their Newborn session. They will also be sending out Baby Announcement cards to their friends and family. These delightful cards come in unlimited design possibilities and paper styles. They’re sooooo cute!

A wonderful addition to Dominique and Chip’s photography sessions is that I have built a really cool relationship with Chip’s brother. He bought photo gift certificates – for their baby shower, and for each of their birthdays. These photographs are an everlasting present that he is proud to give.

In my next blog I’m going to tell you about a couple who were unable to have a Newborn session with their son Julian and the adventure that took place when they finally came in – 4 months late!




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