New Website and more! https://allisoncordner.com

I want to invite everyone to visit my new website at Allison Cordner Photography. I am really proud of my new photography portfolio and site and would like to get my clients, friends and family to give me feedback. I also want you all to reach out and tell me how I can incorporate giving back to the community or world at large as this will be a major part of my business structure.

Also EXCITING is my new GIVING BACK policy and section. I won’t turn anyone away from getting beautiful custom photography by MOI! I think everyone deserves to have their precious memories captured sooooo I want anyone who visits my site, loves my work to death but but can’t afford to hire me for financial reasons, to write me a heartfelt letter explaining who you are and why you would love to have your family photographed and how I can help you.

You also have the option of paying what you can if you just can’t imagine not paying anything. I will read all the letters and arrange a shoot with some prints of your sessions. Don’t be shy! Write me now and I’ll help you have amazing photography for life. I want to change your life and bring a smile on your face. Pay it forward! Pass on the kindness.

I know that there may be some missing elements and or bugs on my sites but everything will be ironed out soon! I was just so excited to get my new site up for you to see. More pictures and videos will be added over time. Be sure to check out my ‘Featured Client Slide shows and all three of my galleries: The Belly Boudoir, Little Burgundy Newborns, Love, Experiential Photography. Also I am working on finding a solution to the lack of French on my website-I am born and raised in an all French community buuuuut I am really embarrassed by my lack of perfection in my written french. I don’t want to write everything in Purlain because that would just make all my french clients and friends laugh at me and maybe even annoyed. 🙂 If anyone knows an English to french translator that works fast let me know!






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