New Design and Home Decor Services!

Ever feel overwhelmed- too busy, too confused or disorganized and unsure of what to do with your old portraits or the new ones you will be commissioning through me?

Problem Solved!

I now offer on top of my complimentary design consultations a home visit to evaluate your wall space. I will give you a report with visual print outs of your rooms and what I suggest for your space. I also offer hanging services for new or older artwork and portraits. I am able to design intricate wall displays as well as simple ones. I also may order and install gallery hanging hardware to preserve your walls.

These services are something I have always offered but now realize few of you knew about. Each project is unique therefore billed as an hourly rate. An estimate will be sent to you after an initial home consultation fee of 125$.This initial appointment will allow me to prepare an appropriate road map for your project.

Other things I offer

Custom framing of old, new and future work. Personal shopping for portrait related needs such as prefab frames

Scanning and reprinting of family heirloom portraits

Integrating your portraits into the style of your home, design and conception

Call today to schedule your In Home Design Service and receive an estimate for your project. 438-496-8312




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