My Son’s 1st Halloween

Happy Halloween! I just got back from a one week business trip to Kansas City where I was updating some of my photography skills at a beautiful baby and child photography studio owned by Julie Klaasmeyer. I am editing all of the great images I created there of newborns and toddlers and will post them soon. It was the first trip away from my son, Gabriel, who just turned two. I think he may have been a little off put by all the changes that come with mommy being out of town for so long. I know that I will look back and laugh for years at these photos of my son and husband even though they are far from perfect. Sometimes you have to just grin and bear it to preserve your treasured memories in pictures! I am forcing myself to make a better effort at photographing my own family as I get quite caught up in everyone else s.
For all the Mom’s and Dad’s out there…I am sure you can relate to this photo session with my two year old son Gabriel in my Montreal photo studio. Don’t we all have days like this? I thought I would post it to show you all how some days are just well…better the next day!




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