My Baby Virginia Turns 6 Months Old

I thought I would post a bit about my own family for once. It has been a whirlwind of a year. This past year I have been furiously building my boutique photography business while pregnant with my daughter and planning the renovations to expand our home and studio (Construction starts October 5th!). I gave birth as most of you know to a beautiful and smiling baby girl on Dec 30th- a day shy of New Years Eve. Within a week of Virginia’s birth I had a client who was due to deliver any week so I photographed her in my studio. It has been non-stop since but I love what I do so deeply that I don’t mind not having had a little time off. I have figured out a pretty good work and family life balance by taking on work three days a week. This seems to work well with my family and with all my current and prospective clients. I have been working months on end to redesign my branding, logo and create a high end marketing magazine (all by Aeris Design) piece to show you all my specialty which is the milestones in a baby’s development from birth and throughout his/her life. I have now added a substantial amount of families to my roster of clients and have discovered a profound joy in photographing families. I will continue to develop that part of my business and will be adding in more and more small quirky wedding’s by referral only for current or past clients.
All this to say that I cannot believe that my darling baby turned 6 months old this week and my precocious little Gabriel will be turning 3 this October as I finish off my summer photo season.
I plan to invite you all in September for the grand opening of my new boutique studio. I cannot even imagine what other wonderful things and changes will happen over the course of the year. One thing is for sure, everything I dreamed and envisioned for me, my family and business in the past year, have come to fruition. Don’t stop dreaming.

Below are the highlights of a brisk session I had with my kids last week. My husband was patient enough to help and take a few images of me with Virginia to add into the session slideshow.

Family photo session with baby Virginia and toddler Gabriel




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