My 2 Dad’s- Ian & Jeff’s Wedding June 18 2011 in Lachine, Quebec

Almost 4 years ago, Diane Linda Boyd, my mother left this earth near her 54th birthday. My father lost his best friend and I lost my mother and number one fan. Weeks faded into months and months into years. Slowly the sadness and hole my mother left when she died filled up. I graduated from photography school, married and later gave birth to my first born son. My brother graduated and went on to study his Doctorate in Ottawa at Carleton University. My father finally met his match- a match made in heaven-Jeff.
Jeff stepped into my father’s life and infused light and happiness again. Both my father and him share many similar life experiences and yet are so different. Opposites always attract! In this case, the differences both Ian and Jeff possess in character are perfect and complimentary, filling in the weakness’s that the other has. Ian is more quiet, pensive, a dreamer and athletic, while Jeff is boisterous, giddy, opinionated and stylish. Both men light up a room and ooze with love and youthful energy. The proposal on Thanksgiving 2010 and wedding are all in perfect timing as they both are newly retired, have purchased a condo and have plenty of grandchildren (and more on the way!). Jeff and Ian certainly have their hands full in projects and trips but they are in perfect company to enjoy them all together in their new union as husbands. I can now proudly state that I have two fathers and have even come up with a nickname for Jeff- ‘Mac Daddy’. Welcome to the family Jeff, it is a pleasure to have both our families unite and I look forward to many new and exciting memories in this new chapter. (scroll down to see best portrait and to the bottom to watch slide show of the whole wedding.)





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