Let me showcase your wall portraits & get a complimentary session!

Hi everyone!

I am gathering as many clients from the past as I can to get them to send me pictures of how my work is displayed in their homes!
I want to showcase more examples of the service I offer to homes and offices by showing the results!! Well that means getting you all to let me come photograph it or by you sending me a nice clean example(s) yourself. I would additionally even love to show your children near the art or anything with them relating to seeing themselves etc. Get creative or let me do the work for you!
I like rewarding your efforts and and kindness.

So anyone who send me pictures of my work hanging in their space that is nice enough to showcase on my website get a complimentary portrait session for me to make them a gorgeous facebook & linked in profile picture worth 475$!

Simply call me or email me and we will set it all up! 438-496-8312 info@allisoncordner.com go check out how I will be using your images here http://portfolio.allisoncordner.com/?load=html#!/page/12364/home

Thank you for all your support through the years!!

Allison Cordner




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