Henri, 10 days old. Newborn fusion photography & video by Allison Cordner

It was such a pleasure to photograph Marie-Claude & Patrick (shoot highlights coming soon) as they were expecting their son. It was an even bigger privilege to get to photograph little Henri 10 days after he was born in the comfort of their home. He was very cooperative and sweet but also very hungry, taking three nursing breaks with mommy to get back into his star role in front of the camera. There was so much I wanted to do with him I lost track of time and 3 whole hours later I had to give him back to his mommy and leave to let them all enjoy each others company and get acquainted. This shoot inspired me to make my home available for newborn shoots in the future as I live downtown in a cozy historic brownstone. This would allow me to spoil mom, dad and baby in a home-studio equipped with an espresso machine, wine, milk, formula, fridge, laundry and a multitude of gorgeous props and backgrounds. I am hoping the studio will be ready to receive guests as of May. In the meanwhile I will come to you for all newborn sessions with my whole studio in tow! Please take the time to enjoy this new venture of mine- Fusion Photography which blends cinematic video and true photography. I look forward to improving and refining my video skills over the course of the year. I know for next time to bring a mono pod to stabilize the camera as I am not the most steady shooter.
Be Sure to select ‘HD’ in the player menu! 🙂
Enjoy Henri.




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