Della Rocca Family Session

I had the pleasure to photograph friends of mine that I met during my first pregnancy. In fact, we met at our birthing class at the Royal Victoria hospital 3 years ago! My first son Gabriel is only a week older than Parisa and Marco’s daughter Amelia. They are both now rambunctious 3 year old’s. We shared a 2nd pregancy, this time both of us had daughter’s. Little Dahlia is about 4 months younger than my Virgina. How time flies.

The plan was for me to photograph them at a park by their home but the weather did not agree with us so I brought along one of my famous patterned backdrops and built a studio in their home. Like every family session with young children, there was a lot of energy, smiling, crying and laughing. Overall the session was a great learning experience that taught me that I can turn any space into a perfect location as long as I have a large window! Enjoy my favorite family- p.s Marco happens to be my accountant- so if you are looking for great financial advising he is the man.




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