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Daddy’s turn. La chance a Papa!

Tweet Forget buying him another tie this father’s day! Often times father’s get forgotten in the rush of daily routines. Many dad’s nowadays even take on a lot or most the child care as women are busier and busier in the workforce. Why not take a moment to gift your husband or grandfather a session...

Surviving the Grief of Mothering Without a Mother-celebrating your children

Tweet I can relate to this article very deeply and I am sure some of you can or will as well: “I became a mother before most of my friends, and I lost my mother long before them as well. It’s almost Mother’s Day and all I really want is the gift of having a...

Video details of Mini Session Mommy & Me event May 7-8

Tweet Un Video pour expliquer mes session Maman et Moi mai 7-8th pour les mamans et leurs enfants-les grand-mamans bienvenue aussi!! Manqué pas l’oppertunité!!! Attendez pas pour la parfait moment, Le ‘toi’ parfait, c’est maintenant. Video en francais en bas. Pour Réservez http://store.allisoncordner.com/work…/mommy-me-mini-session… 438-496-8312allisoncordner.com ‪#‎mtlminisession‬ ‪#‎mothersday‬ ‪#‎portraitphotographer‬ ‪#‎allisoncordnerphotography‬ All about my Mommy & Me sessions...

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