Baby Julian’s 4 months photo session

In my last blog I told you about Dominique, Chip and their newborn Liem. In this blog I want to tell you about a session that not only surprised me but gave me another option for my baby photography collection: Baby’s First Year as well as an independent session I can add to my roster.

When Aileen was pregnant she wanted to arrange a baby photography session for her soon-to-be-born son, Julian, but her doctor put her on bed rest. She had a history of sad endings in her journey to have a child with her husband. Her pregnancy with Julian was a blessing but also scary. Her focus was totally on having a healthy baby and she understandably put the thought of a baby photography session in the back of her mind. But once Julian was born that thought began to come forward. Unable to make it to my studio as Julian was a newborn, she contacted me for a session when he was 4 months old. At first I was a bit concerned that it would be difficult to get natural images as he could not yet sit or hold his head. I decided to prepare a few baskets, furry pillows and ideas for mom to be holding him.

Julian had the most beautiful face. He benefited from his multi-cultural heritage – his mother is from the Philippines and his father has Mohawk, Finnish and Scottish ancestry. To photograph such a bright eyed and smiley baby was a blast! His personality just lit up the photography studio. I wanted to show him in as natural a state as possible as Mom & Dad had not had the chance to have newborn images, so I photographed him in just a diaper and placed him in a textured basket. Aileen loves whimsical, vintage inspired themes so we played with a lot of colors and backdrops to create a fun variety.

I learned a lot from my session with Aileen and Julian. I learned that a four month old can be photographed with excellent results. I learned that I can offer this as a replacement for a missed newborn session with my Baby’s First Year Collection or as an independent session. I learned that through other people’s sadness joy can be born and to always keep hope.

In my next blog I will tell you about the birth of my daughter Virginia.




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