Therapeutic Portrait Sessions / Counselling Sessions/ Photography Branding for the Wellness Industry


Since 2006 Allison Cordner has been redefining how portraiture is seen and experienced in Quebec. Her philosophy of elevating portraits as art in the home; ‘Forever statement pieces’ that are meant to be kept for generations is her mission.

Allison’s strengths are working and relating to children and adults of all ages and dispositions and quickly. Not a single subject has been able to keep their guard up while exposed to Allison's seamless, jovial, energetic and accommodating attitude. Notably photographing the ‘un-photographable’ is a challenge she loves.

Allison’s unique ability to document and freeze in time the innocence, purity and emotion between family members is a signature skill. The simplistic essence of childhood with all of its quirks and authenticity is the story she would like to tell for you.

With advanced degrees and training in fine arts, photography, counselling and business, Allison has worked with the likes of former prime ministers Tony Blair & Jean Chretien, the late Jack Layton, the late Christopher Jackson who’s iconic portrait made headlines across the classical music and media streams with his passing, the late conductor and chair of Mcgill Music program, Eleanor Stubley, worked with olympic athletes, artists, musicians, actors, doctors, lawyers and every trade under the sun. Her work has received awards, has been published locally & internationally and proudly hangs in prestigious homes across the globe.

Vintage Art Series in Progress